Complete, Karen and Squidward possess a neutral matchmaking

Patrick Superstar

Karen and you may Patrick generally do not collaborate. Yet not, Patrick doesn’t apparently realize that Karen is worst. He tries to let Plankton build Karen happier regarding episodes “Container Nice Bucket” and “Single-cell Wedding,” indicating that he cannot hate the girl.

Karen means Patrick because the SpongeBob’s “green friend” in the first film. Throughout the book SpongeBob DetectivePants: The way it is of Lost Spatula, Patrick calls Karen “Talking Package,” proving that he doesn’t be aware that she’s a pc.

Squidward Tentacles

Squidward doesn’t care considerably about Karen or Plankton. One to exemption is the SpongeBob SquarePants Film, in which Squidward are assaulted because of the Plankton’s submissives once Karen activates their helmet mind-control gadgets. Other is actually “Bucket Nice Bucket,” in which Squidward produces a desktop computer into the renovated Krusty Krab out of Karen. A 3rd try “Chum Fricassee,” where Squidward organizations up with Plankton and Karen to start their bistro. Karen really works as the a waitress.

Eugene H. Krabs

Mr. Krabs and you will Karen barely work together despite being opposition, however Mr. Krabs did get the lady since the a beneficial cashier from inside the “Karen 2.0.”

Inside the “Most readily useful Frenemies,” Karen attempts to share with Mr. Krabs and you will Plankton precisely what the Kelp Shakes are manufactured from. Sadly, they don’t pay attention to their and you can find yourself ingesting the fresh shakes, that triggers these to end up being hairy monsters.

Into the “Mermaid Man compared to. SpongeBob,” Karen asks Mr. Krabs for a couple of Kiddie Buffet toys to provide so you can Plankton. Whenever she will bring a cake to help you Plankton, he requires this lady, “What is actually one to? A keepsake from your date Krabs. “

For the “Frozen Face-Away from,” Karen and Mr. Krabs come together to survive immediately following one another nearly freeze to help you passing, just to be stored of the SpongeBob and his members of the family.

Within the “Karen dos.0,” Plankton yields an alternative Karen and then he kicks her out. Mr. Krabs and you can SpongeBob look for the woman into the curb and take their for the Krusty Krab. When she shoes up, she informs the two regarding the woman worries. Abruptly, Mr. Krabs sympathizes together with her and offer the woman a career. When Karen 2 and you can Plankton show up to deal the new formula, Karen and Karen 2 start attacking and you will Mr. Krabs requires the opportunity to provides consumers lay bets to your which will profit.

During the “Lame and you can Luck,” Mr. Krabs ponders exactly what their funeral perform appear to be. It is found that Karen perform attend next to Pearl along with his other family, implying one to she really does a little worry about him.

Exotic Cheeks

Instead of their most other dating, Karen’s relationship with Sandy is a strictly positive one. Both are peak-going and you may brilliant characters which have an enjoy having innovations, that is the reason he has got amicable relations throughout the series.

Within the “Frozen Deal with-Regarding,” Exotic and her household members conserve Karen off being suspended. Afterwards, Sandy uses Karen’s human body to keep Squidward, that has been frozen during the a beneficial block off ice.

From inside the “Salsa Imbecilicus,” Karen and you will Exotic are the merely citizens of Bikini Base who weren’t turned into idiots of the vapor out-of Plankton’s sauce. It works with her which will make an excellent college or university, which at some point production every person to their normal intelligence. This event suggests that Karen understands in which Exotic lifestyle hence the girl house is titled a great treedome, implying that she has went to Sandy.

In “Girls’ Date night,” the 2 and you may Mrs. Smoke purchase a night out together, plus the about three make reference to each other because “Gal Company” on the occurrence.

Gary the fresh Snail

Karen cannot notice Gary. Karen is actually simple in the Plankton’s want to impersonate Gary inside the “Shellback Shenanigans.” At the end of “Frozen Deal with-Of,” Karen lets Gary take a seat on finest from their. Gary stays on top of Karen up until Plankton attempts to fry her or him when you look at the a great vat away from boiling hot petroleum.

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